Canadian Winter Texans: Eyes on Tropical Storm Don.

Canadian snowbirds who own property in Texas’ Rio Grande region should keep an eye out for tropical storm Don, now headed directly for the south Texas coast. It’s not expected to become a hurricane, but have some of your Texas friends check it out for you anyway.

The emergence of Don, in the Gulf of Mexico, is a stark reminder that with the advent of August, we are entering hurricane prime time—from now to the end of September. This has implications not only for Canadian property owners in south Texas (Edinburg, Weslaco, Pharr, Donna, Harlingen, anywhere north of Brownsville), but the entire perimeter of Florida—the Gulf as well as Atlantic coasts, and the Caribbean basin as well. And if you’re planning a trip to these areas or any other coastal states in the eastern U.S., make sure you have trip cancellation/interruption insurance locked into your travel and accommodation reservations: it can protect the investment you may have tied up in your advance bookings.

You can get trip cancellation insurance from most travel insurance companies that also sell travel health insurance, as well as from agents and brokers, motor leagues, travel agents, the many associations that offer insurance benefits to their members, and—for your convenience—you can examine trip cancellation policies and buy them directly, online, right from this site.  Our advertisers represent most of the major travel insurance providers across Canada.

But when buying trip cancellation insurance, examine the policy well or discuss it thoroughly with your agent: this is a product that has exclusions and limitations on what it will cover, and you have to know that going in.  For example, if you have booked a trip at a resort, it may only cover your prepaid cost if more than one third of your trip has been cancelled out.  And then there are also dollar limits on how much the insurer will pay for any such incident.  This is still a substantial recovery, but you need to know the terms.

Also understand that trip cancellation/interruption insurance will only cover deposits or other payments you have already paid out that are not reimbursable by the tour operator, or air or cruise line or resort.

It will not pay for loss of your “dream vacation” or your anticipated pleasure or inconvenience.  But it will cover much of the hard cash you have spent on booking that trip.  And given the cost of trips these days, that is certainly worth the price of the premium.

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