Four Reasons Why Travelling with Your Parents Is a Blessing in Disguise

Family trips were great—when you were a kid. But now it seems that your family is more of a travel limitation than an asset. When you are with your parents, you lose almost all of your independence, younger siblings can become annoying tag-alongs, and some activities you just can’t do with your family (family outing to a nightclub, anyone?).

It’s not all bad, though. Family vacations offer several benefits over travelling solo. Here are four reasons why travelling with your family is a blessing in disguise.


They pay!
Flights, food, accommodation, and travel costs add up quickly. Fortunately, they usually aren’t your problem when you are on a family vacation. Parents are usually more than willing to spend money on activities that bring the family together, so you should use this to your advantage! Enjoy a few free meals at restaurants, go scuba diving or parasailing, whatever. Just be sure to highlight how close the family is.

Even if you have to pay a portion of the travel costs, it’s often cheaper because of group discounts and splitting costs such as cab fare and hotel rooms.


Travelling solo can be pretty hard. Being alone in a foreign country lumps a lot of responsibility on your shoulders: you have to manage transportation, food, and activities all on your own, and possibly in a country where they speak another language. When you’re with your family, though, tasks can be divided up and you have more minds to help solve problems. You can also make younger siblings carry the group backpack so that you don’t have to. When you travel with your family, you are with people whom you can (usually) rely on.

A small group can work together to overcome difficulties. Or if your family isn’t very good at working together, at least you fail as a group instead of just on your own.


A family trip is also a good opportunity to get some travel experience of your own. It helps you get accustomed to navigating airports and foreign cities and can make for good preparation before you make your first solo trip. If you are lucky, you might even be able to convince your parents to give you a day or two on your own in which you can temporarily get your independence back.


Family time
Life moves quickly, and sometimes it’s nice to slow down and enjoy a bit of time with your family. A family trip gives everyone a temporary break from work, school, and the daily routine. Go on an adventure together, create some memories, take a few photos, and spend some quality time with your family. By the time you get sick of them, your vacation will probably be over anyway.


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