Government Overseas Travel Warnings Increase

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous, and we’re not just talking about Libya and Afghanistan. Government travel warnings are increasing rapidly and you need to know if warnings have been posted for your travel destination.  If so, your travel insurance could be limited: so might your life. Pay attention.

By clicking on our Travel Links button at the top of the homepage, you will immediately be directed to the Canadian government websites that issue health, travel advisories and warnings for every country in the world.  Some of these advisories are for countries as a whole—such as Egypt (with exception of a few vacation resorts), Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and most countries of sub Saharan Africa (except for South Africa).

Other warnings are issued for regions within countries: Mexico, Panama, Turkey, the Philippines, Japan, Ecuador, India, Peru, Russia, Venezuela, Albania, Armenia, Colombia, Thailand, Israel, the West bank and the Gaza Strip. And there are many more.

Venturing into an area that your government has officially warned you to “Avoid all Non-Essential Travel”, or “Avoid all Travel,” might not only invalidate some key benefits of your travel insurance, but it might take you out of the range of full government assistance should you be injured, stranded, or worse. You need to know the risks.

Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and the Public Health Agency of Canada cooperate with other similar agencies in the United States, Britain and Australia to gather the most comprehensive information on what is happening on the ground in all countries.  Given the upheavals occurring daily throughout the world—even in unexpected places—you need to consult these sites before making any plans to travel and even after you have made your plans and started your travel.  Your smart phones will allow you to do that.

Foreign travel can be exciting, exhilarating and enriching.  But it can also be very dangerous, and your best protection is knowledge and intelligence about the countries and regions you are visiting and through which you are transiting. Take nothing for granted. What was a safe haven yesterday can be a powder keg tomorrow.

And when purchasing international travel insurance, particularly if you’re headed off the beaten path, make a point of dealing directly with travel insurance specialists, such as those featured on our website: they know best about what you need for international travel. They are the specialists.

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