Is It Spring Break or Booze and Cruise? Parents Need to Prepare

With “booze and cruise” tours being aggressively promoted to college and even high school students for the coming spring break season, parents need to face up to the high risk situations their sons and daughters are likely to encounter while frolicking on foreign sea shores.

First they need to get on line and see what some of these tours really offer: 40 hours of free drinks per week…All the booze you can drink cruises…Mayhem in Mexico… Free drinks from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

True enough, not all tours are this blatant about what “Bustin’ Loose” means. But they are prevalent enough that parents, who one way or the other underwrite these trips, should have a clear idea what is being offered.

The next thing parents should do is make sure their sons and daughters have proper travel health insurance covering them so that in case of accident or medical emergency they can get appropriate immediate care and avoid the tens of thousands of dollars it might cost to treat an unexpected ailment or rehabilitate the patient home in an air ambulance.

But they also need to understand and make it clear to their spring breakers, that travel insurance will not cover injury or illness related to or brought on by booze or drug use or other irresponsible behavior that students sometimes resort too in such uninhibited environments.

I recall one case not too long ago of a woman complaining to media that her travel insurer refused to pay a claim submitted by her son who broke his leg when falling off the railing of a hotel balcony while he was drunk. You can’t blame that kind of a grievance on “fine print”.

Spring break can be great fun. But like any other kind of travel, you have to equip for the circumstance. This is especially so when you consider that travelers in the 18 to 24 age group have the lowest percentage of travel insurance coverage of all age groups.

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