Mexican Visa Flap Should Not Affect Tourists

The recent visa dust-up between Canada and Mexico is not expected to interrupt the annual winter flow of Canadian tourists to Mexican resorts—not as we see it right now. But things can always change, so keep your options open. Mexico’s government officials have reiterated that, though they require Canadian diplomats and officials to have visas to enter their country, they will not impose that same requirement on tourists. It makes sense that Mexico—battered by the swine flu (H1N1 virus) panic this past spring and reeling from the murderous effects of its drug wars—is not going to throw another barrier into the path of the 1.3 million Canadians who fuel the Mexican economy. Diplomatic niceties are one thing, but cold, hard cash is quite another. Nonetheless, Mexico is a volatile environment these days, and you had better be very careful where you go, how you behave, and who you consort with. Given its current environment, make absolutely sure you get travel insurance that not only covers you for illness, accident, or the swine flu, but includes trip cancellation and interruption benefits should something come up and threaten your plans. Ask around for the ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ policies, which allow greater flexibility should you simply change your mind and decide to cancel or change your itinerary. More Canadian travel insurance policies are now offering such plans.

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