My husband is unable to find travel insurance for his pre-exisiting condition

We are going on a cruise with Holland America to Mexico. My husband, 77 years old, is looking for travel insurance. He has had Type 2 diabetes for over 15 years but it is extremely well-controlled. He appears to be unable to purchase travel insurance. I have insurance through my former employer’s extended health plan but when I asked if he could join the answer was NO.

Answer: If your husband has no other problems besides his diabetes, which is “extremely well controlled” he should have no problem getting a medically-underwritten policy which is based on his health status at the time he applies. But it requires that he answer all medical questions completely and accurately. It would be best if his doctor look over the application and how he has answered it. Most Canadian insurers who specialize in travel health insurance plans will be able to accommodate him even at the age of 77, so long as he truly “Has no other problems.” It’s not surprising your former employer’s insurance would not offer coverage. You need a company that specializes in travel insurance, particularly one that has plans for snowbirds, who are traditionally older. There are plenty of good companies in Canada who can do that. Click on any of our advertisers for further information.


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