Question from multiple elderly Canadian travellers:

Canadian travel insurance is too expensive. These companies need more competition. Why can’t we buy insurance from American insurers if we are traveling to the United States? Couldn’t they offer a better deal in their own country?

Milan says…
You would think so. But the short answer is NO. First of all, most American-licensed companies can only sell to American residents. You need insurers who are not only licensed to sell in your home province, but who have out-of-country travel plans that are supplemental to the benefits offered by your provincial health insurance which pays some—albeit quite little—of the cost of your emergency medical care in foreign hospitals. Your Canadian plans can also file for reimbursement from your provincial health insurance, and are prepared to repatriate you to a hospital back in Canada by air ambulance or commercial flight if medically necessary and not just evacuate you to a nearby hospital and leave you to your own devices to get back home. Getting a hospital bed in Canada is no easy task so you need so you need an assistance service that normally deals with Canadian hospitals. In short, Canadian travel insurance is designed specifically for Canadian travelers in foreign countries and covers only emergency medical

care. American travel plans are designed for Americans who have more limited basic health insurance coverage. And as for the cost, unless you’re very, very sick, or very, very old, Canadian travel insurance, is a bargain.

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