Record Fall & Winter Travel Season Ahead. Look for Deals.

With the Canadian dollar soaring higher above the moribund American greenback, fall and winter tourism to the U.S. sunbelt, the Caribbean and Mexico, will likely break all records with price offerings you’re not likely to see again. Take advantage of it. We’ll keep you posted on what to look for.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, tourism prices to the U.S. sunbelt and the Caribbean and Mexico, which have been low over the past several years due to a slowdown of American tourism will still be low this year, but are expected to pick up once the American market regains its economic strength and Americans start travelling abroad again.  Increasing oil prices will also force resort and tour operators to raise their prices in future.

In addition, hotel and resort destinations in Las Vegas and the U.S. south, which have been significantly hurt by the U.S. recession, are offering well-priced deals to those booking ahead.  These deals look even better if you’re buying with your strong Canadian dollar. This currency advantage extends to tourism properties in other countries that usually count heavily on American tourism but have been forced to drop their prices to be more competitive.

As you do your shopping over the next few weeks or months, also stay vigilant for travel insurance early- bird specials that offer coverage plans for pre-season discounts.  Insurers need to keep their cash flow up during the off season and they’re often willing to keep prices lower to do it.  Take advantage, but please understand that if you lock in a price on a given plan, you must tell your insurer about any change in your health status that occurs after you buy your policy. That means any change: even if you think it insignificant—like a change in medication, a surge or return of symptoms, a referral for medical tests. Insurers grant you coverage on the basis of your health at the time you leave on your trip. If that is different from your health status when you filled in your application, you must tell your insurer.  If not, and you have a claim while on your trip, your insurer can invalidate your policy and leave you responsible for your medical costs.

So by all means get the best plan you can at the most advantageous price, and do it early.  But understand your obligations.

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