Savings on Travel Insurance

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Our advertisers realize that during these times, any savings they can offer is appreciated. But we can’t emphasize enough that cost should not be your primary consideration in buying travel insurance, just as you should be wary of vendors and websites that focus on selling “cheap insurance.”

Travel insurance is a serious purchase. There is no such thing as one-plan-fits-all. Proper coverage depends on your health condition;  how many and what medications you take, what symptoms or conditions are being treated by your doctor, what tests you have undergone, and other such variables.

In any plan you consider purchasing, you must make sure you meet the eligibility requirements (read them carefully) and you answer any and all questions accurately, completely, and if you need help understanding the questions discuss them with your insurer.  And don’t hesitate to ask your doctor to make sure he or she tells you what is in your medical record.  Many doctors don’t.  Make sure yours does.

Also very important is for you to deal with an agent or broker who is familiar with and understands travel insurance.

A brochure pulled off a shelf may have pretty picture and comforting words about how carefree your next vacation can be.  But unless the plan it describes fits your personal, individual need, it can be a bad purchase, leaving you stranded when you need help the most.

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