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World Wanderer Club 

We are excited to introduce the new and exclusive “World Wanderer Club” to you travel lovers! If you’re looking for new places to go, travel secrets and tips, the right products to assist your trips, helpful travel blog posts on current events, and special travel perks, discounts, and contests – this is a travellers’ wonderland for you!

We hope to inspire you to travel and see the world just like we do and to discover places you never knew about.  You can gain a new perspective and educate yourself by travelling abroad as well as learning how to protect yourself when you’re away from home. You can always have fun, but you’ll have the most fun when you’re prepared!

Our World Wanderer Club is your resource for:

  • International travellers
  • Canadian travellers and Visitors to Canada
  • Special risks and adventure travellers
  • Group travellers
  • International student travellers
  • Snowbirds
  • Expatriates

Be entertained, stay informed, and prepare for travel with the World Wanderer Club.

Let us help you travel with confidence!

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