What kind of medical insurance should I buy to cover my condition?

I had a problem with my heart, I think it was angina, about four years ago. Nothing since and I just had an appointment with my heart specialist and he says I’m fine. No change of pills for two years. What kind of medical insurance should I buy? I’m 58 years old and planning on taking a cruise in the spring.

Answer : If your heart condition is stable and you have had no change in medication for two years and have no other health problems, you should have no problem finding insurance. But make sure you have a plan that covers “stable” pre-existing conditions and if you are asked medical questions, which is likely, make sure you disclose the details of your angina, what medications you are taking and their dosages. Then get an endorsement that says you are covered for your angina. If you fail to disclose anything about your health on a medical questionnaire—even if it has nothing to do with a medical emergency you may encounter—your entire policy might be voided and you might be disqualified from coverage. If you are going on a cruise, your best bet is to insure with a travel insurance specialist that offers at least $1 million, will repatriate you to a hospital at home if medically required (evacuation to a nearby hospital is not good enough), and has an emergency service you can access 24/7 no matter where you are, even at sea. Most insurance plans offered by cruise lines are not good enough.


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