Would travel insurance that excludes the U.S. be less expensive?

Would travel insurance that excludes the U.S. be less expensive, considering the high cost of medical care there?

From Ross

Answer: Yes, and it is available from several Canadian travel insurers. Ask for it if you’re sure you won’t be travelling to the U.S. For example, for short-term coverage for Canadians, the Non-USA travel insurance Plan (worldwide excluding USA) by T.I.C. (Travel Insurance Coordinators) costs $1.15 per day for an individual up to 30 years of age, whereas the USA plan (worldwide including USA) costs $1.75 for the same age bracket. But be careful.

If your travel takes you to the Caribbean, or Central America or Mexico or if you’re going on a cruise, and you suffer a life-threatening medical emergency and you have to be evacuated to the closest hospital, which may well be in the U.S., you may get stuck with a huge hospital bill that the insurer is not responsible for. And whatever plan you buy, make sure it provides repatriation to a hospital at home as a benefit—not just evacuation to the closest available hospital.


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